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Guild Living is delivering academically-led, innovative alternatives to the underwhelming later living options currently in the market. We are developing a deep and honest understanding of people’s loves, fears, wants and needs.

Working in partnership with Legal & General, one of the UK’s most trusted institutions, Guild Living is creating third age “communities for life” in the heart of towns and city centres.

At Guild Living, we believe that individually we are great, and together we are extraordinary.

Mum's got her life back.

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Let's End Ageism.

Guild Lab: With Professor Malcolm Johnson, Eugene Marchese, and Phil Bayliss.

Can we reverse ageing? Ageing Unlocked: with Professor Malcolm Johnson

Can we reverse ageing? With Professor Malcolm Johnson.

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Professor Malcom Johnson

Ask the Experts
A Question on Ageing.

Ask Professor Malcolm Johnson and our team of experts your questions on ageing, wellbeing, and later living. We will answer your queries in our monthly videos – so make sure you follow the Guild Lab.

Did you know
  • 1 in 14

    1 in 14 people age 65+ have dementia in 2019.

    Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • 1 in 6

    1 in 6 people age 80+ have dementia in 2019.

    Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • 80%

    Retirement community residents are 80% less likely to enter hospital.


  • 1/3

    1/3 of over-65s live alone.


  • 82.9%

    82.9% of the UK’s 2019 population lives in urban areas – and is increasing.


  • 1M

    Over 1 million older people say they always or often feel lonely.

    Age UK

What causes ageing? With Professor Malcolm Johnson.

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