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Guild Living is passionate about later living, but not as you currently know it. We are here to enable you to live better, for longer in the heart of our communities and lives.

The time has come to look at longevity in a whole new way, improving the way we age and ensuring that the focus is on healthspan and not just lifespan.

Led by global academic research, Guild Living is developing a deep understanding of people’s desires, fears, wants and needs – in order to deliver homes in the centre of bustling towns and cities.

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Sky News: Ian King & Guild Living's Eugene Marchese discuss house prices, and how later living helps free up family homes.

  • 93% of owners were happy with Audley’s response to the pandemic.

    Audley Villages, Satisfaction Survey

  • 93% of residents felt there was a safety net in place if things went wrong vs. only 40% of [non-residents].

    ProMatura International and ARCO

  • Retirement communities are benefiting [residents'] health, keeping them active and providing security.

    Margaret Wylde, Chief Executive & Founder, ProMatura

  • 89% of retirement village residents are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their community.

    ProMatura International and ARCO

  • Residents living in retirement properties are 2 to 5 times more likely to participate in social activities.

    ProMatura International and ARCO

  • 96% said the team were professional.

    Audley Villages, Satisfaction Survey

  • 98% said the team made them feel safe.

    Audley Villages, Satisfaction Survey

  • 99% said the team were kind and friendly

    Audley Villages, Satisfaction Survey

  • Residents were significantly more likely to have enjoyed life and less likely to have been lonely.

    ProMatura International and ARCO

During lockdown, we want to celebrate the hard work and success stories from our fellow later living providers. Watch out for the CELEBRATING #LATERLIVING posts on our social media:

Did you know
  • 1 in 14

    1 in 14 people age 65+ have dementia in 2019.

    Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • 1 in 6

    1 in 6 people age 80+ have dementia in 2019.

    Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • 80%

    Retirement community residents are 80% less likely to enter hospital.


  • 82.9%

    82.9% of the UK’s 2019 population lives in urban areas – and is increasing.


  • 1/3

    1/3 of over-65s live alone.


  • 1M

    Over 1 million older people say they always or often feel lonely.

    Age UK

Professor Malcolm Johnson on Guild Living in Bath