5 ways Guild Living is having fun inside!

In March, we shared with you 50 ways to keep active without going outside. To inspire you with new ideas for indoor activities, we asked the team at Guild Living to share how they have been keeping active whilst staying at home. Take a look at our pick of the top-5 activities from this week’s indoor fun.

  1. Testing out that birthday gift cookbook.

Dust off your fancy baking books and get your chef on. Crisp, flaky shell with a wobbly custard filling, these Portuguese Custard Tarts made by Phil look a treat. Who knows maybe you too could be a whiz at Pastéis de Natas!

  1. Getting out that Christmas puzzle that had too many pieces.

Who said Christmas activities had to be saved for December? Great work from Michael who completed this 1000-piece puzzle completed over the weekend! You can find lots of other 1000-piece puzzles on sites like Amazon.

  1. Knitting – it’s not just for Nan’s!

Check out this beer cosy knitted by Billy. Get your creative hat on and have a go at making something woolly. Who knows you could be great at cross stitch!

  1. Dusting off your childhood instrument.

Did you use to love playing a musical instrument? Last weekend Lucy dug out her much-loved flute, and reminisced by playing her favourite pieces again.

  1. Show us your best poker face.

Fancy your luck? Take on a member of your family and practise your skills. You could even try to play this game over video call too!

So, which activities would you try?

We hope you liked our own ways of having fun indoors. Now we want to see what you have been up to – share your pictures and comments below!

Need some more ideas? Check out our 50 ways to keep active without going outside article.