Guild Living

Valuing Extraordinary Lives

Guild Living’s care offering will support and encourage people to live their best, independent lives through compassionate and respectful enablement.

Independent living for longer

Guild Living will enable people to remain independent for longer by supporting all holistic aspects of wellbeing: emotional, cognitive, financial and physical.

A New Approach

Guild Living’s care offering will provide a new approach, supported by bespoke technology, ground-breaking academic research, and local collaborations. Recent events have shown that there are many areas where the care sector can work together to improve outcomes.

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Together, we will revolutionise the later living sector, and in doing so change the way people age for the better – now and into the future.

Introducing Our Offering

Guild Living’s care team will be responsible for:

  • Enabling Members to live their best lives by remaining independent for as long as possible.
  • Delivering a holistic approach to physical, emotional, cognitive and financial health.
  • Developing programmes and solutions based on leading later living academic research.
  • Ensuring care is always person-centred, and respects an individual’s wishes and needs.
  • Engaging expertise to improve and benefit the individual, as well as the wider healthcare system.

Academically-Led Approach

Ground-breaking academic research informs all of our decision making, and the development of our care and wellness programmes. Our research projects underpin all of our operational practices, which we will develop further over the coming 24 months.

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Bespoke Technology

Guild Living is developing a bespoke Wellbeing Technology Platform that will capture important biometric data. This will inform Guild Team members about their physical and emotional status to recommend the appropriate programmes. Our ground-breaking technology will help to support and redefine the way that our care offering can best support the individual.

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Our Wellness Foundation

Guild Living recognises that, in order to achieve and maintain overall wellness, we must look holistically at all aspects of wellbeing: emotional, cognitive, financial and physical. By taking this holistic approach, we will not only support the individual’s lifespan – but also their healthspan for a long, happy and independent later life.

Service Excellence

Guild Living will provide a holistic care service, with the team trained and managed within a culture that values respect, kindness, and clinical and hygienic excellence above all else. We will continue to work with our regulators to ensure we deliver a first-class service that goes beyond the expectations of our Members and their very close others.