Guild Living is coming to Uxbridge.

Guild living plans to open its fourth later living community in Uxbridge, to address the underwhelming options currently on offer need for choice in later living housing and the need for increased age-appropriate housing in the area.

As part of a 5-year plan to deliver over 6,000 new homes across the UK, Guild Living proposes to bring a new later living community to the centre of Uxbridge. The community will offer discreet and flexible care and will also be available to provide a transitional bed for those who leave hospital, easing pressure on the NHS.

Home to Pinewood studios, the community will be in the heart of Uxbridge town centre close to amenities to offer people a choice of where to age.

Guild Living Uxbridge High Street

According to Age UK, there are 2.5 million people aged 50+ living in London of which 1.1 million are over 65. In the next 30 years, this is said to increase by 86%.

The urban location will enable older people to live independently with its close transport links to central London. The community will also be within walking distance to Uxbridge common and close to the high street to increase footfall and boost local spending.

Driven by academic research the outward-facing community will invite local people in and encourage mixing of old and young through intergenerational spaces that benefit the members but also the wider community.

Powered by Legal & General, Uxbridge will be Guild Living’s fourth community alongside Epsom, Bath and Walton-on-Thames.

Eugene Marchese, co-founder and director at Guild Living, said: “There is a clear and growing need for age-appropriate housing and we want to de-stigmatise this market by offering a different kind of product that blends tailored care with facilities that bring young and old together.”

“Uxbridge has a thriving town centre and an amazing local community and our ambitions are that we can create a somewhere safe and secure that local people can move to maintain their local links and protect their independence.”

Phil Bayliss, chief executive of later living at Legal & General, said: “London is often seen as a young city but the fact is the fastest-growing segment of the population is the over-50s and we need to make sure we are prepared to meet their housing needs.”

Guild Living Uxbridge High Street Photo