Students create board game to tackle loneliness.

At Guild Living, we understand the negative effects loneliness can have on people and the importance of remaining socially connected with the wider commuity as we enter the third age. Creating intergenerational communities in society is an important step in bridging the gap between generations and fighting ageism. Chris Bamford, Director of Care at Guild Living, explains: “People may go into communities like ours to try and combat that sense of isolation and feeling alone that can often be triggered by losing a loved one, a significant event. There are people who don’t think they are lonely, but just feel low. If someone feels emotionally low the knock-on effects on their health are huge.”

In this BBC video, we see Students from Fortrose Academy’s Venture team, who have created the game ‘Past Time’. The game is designed to spark conversation between generations and help tackle the issue of loneliness in older people.